UNT Ready For Takeoff Peel Off Basecoat

UNT peel off base coat with polish peeled off

I have wanted to try UNT Ready For Takeoff Peelable Basecoat for ages.  Simply Nailogical recommended it as the best peel off basecoat (see her comparison video here) but it is not available in Canada so I held off ordering it while trying various other peel off base coats and glitter bases.  Since my no-buy/low-buy ended when we moved and I didn’t have to worry about where stuff was mailed since packages from abroad can take forever to get to[Read more]

Cuticle Care After Moving Day

Cuticle Care With Cuter Cuticles Avon Sally Hansen Zoya

I try my best to look after my nails and cuticles but in general, they tend towards dry and my nails break easily once past the tips of my fingers.  Moving however, left my nails looking horrible.  As in, there is no way I am swatching polishes or playing with my new stamping plates when they finally arrive (looking at you Born Pretty and Pueen). The two weeks before moving day were filled with packing, deep cleaning two apartments (because[Read more]

THEFACESHOP Paraffin Nail Packs

thefaceshop paraffin nail pack packaging

I have bought nail packs from THEFACESHOP before, but mostly the milk calcium ones.  While the milk calcium nail packs are meant for dry and rough nails, the paraffin nail packs are meant to strengthen brittle nails. With all of the damage I have done to my nails with recent packing and sorting alongside the regular damage I do with constant changes of nail polish and removal, my nails and cuticles are desperate for a little TLC. The paraffin nail[Read more]

Prevent Your Nail Polish From Chipping and Peeling

how to stop your nail polish chipping and peeling off

I have probably mentioned this hundreds of times, but I am hard on my nails.  Yes, I love my nail polish and probably change the colour and design 4 times a week but part of this is necessity.  My nails and I do not always get along and no matter how careful I am, the polish on my index fingers chips easily or just peels away as an entire sheet.  On the rare occasions I do want to wear the[Read more]

The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand-Off

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fragrance Free Hand Cream Hand Off

Have you tried Neutrogena Norwegian Formula fragrance free hand cream?  I will admit to not taking care of my hands as well as I should and my skin suffers the consequences.  Between the amount of acetone I use cleaning up nail art or polish, changing my polish almost daily or deciding to swatch 10 polishes in a day, my hands and cuticles are usually not happy with me. You have probably noticed that I have reviewed various hand creams lately and[Read more]