DAVIDsTEA Sour Appletini Tea Review (Cocktail Collection)

DavidsTea Sour Appletini Tea Review - 2017 Davids Tea Cocktail Collection Tea Review

There is something oh so fun about drinking tea out of a martini glass. I mean, not practical since you drink more tea than alcohol (or at least should) but fun.  DAVIDsTEA Sour Appletini is another herbal/fruit infusion from the Cocktail Collection.  Personally, I would have loved for this to have a green colour, or a white/clear apple type colour rather than the beetroot red but it still tastes amazing.  But I do love a tart green apple taste so[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Rosé All Day Review (Cocktail Collection)

DavidsTea Rosé All Day Tea Review - 2017 Davids Tea Cocktail Collection Tea Review 2

You know I am usually the first to complain about the amount of apple DAVIDsTEA uses as well as artificial flavouring but the Cocktail Collection has a fair bit of both and I was impressed with some of them.  The first of the teas I am sharing is Rosé All Day, a tea that will be a summer staple for me.  It is best served as an iced tea and has a lovely wine aftertaste.  I don’t think it tastes exactly[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Raspberry Mojito Tea

DavidsTea Raspberry Mojito Tea Loose Leaf Tea 2

Summer is just made for mojitos so I was excited when Davids Tea brought out the cocktail collection a while back only to be disappointed when my local store had sold out in days and only had gift packs left.  On a recent trip to pick up some other teas, I noticed the canister on the counter and they said that they had been sent some stock with a recent delivery so I finally got to try it.  In my[Read more]

DavidsTea Magic Dragon Tea Pop

Davids Tea Magic Dragon Loose Leaf Dragonfruit Tea

On my recent trip to DavidsTea to pick up more Cotton Candy tea, the tea guide was measuring out some Magic Dragon for the customer in front of me which smelled delicious.  The tea guide mentioned it was her favourite tea (I think they say that about all of them) so I had to add some to my order to try it out.  Magic Dragon is a herbal tea described as a tangy tropical blend of fruit that is bright, flamboyant[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Grape Freeze Tea

DavidsTea Grape Freeze Review Perfect Spoon

Grape Freeze is one of the newest teas available from DAVIDsTEA and while Cotton Candy has stolen my heart, Grape Freeze makes a nice refreshing iced tea.  Despite being an organic tea, they added Stevia to this green tea, something to be aware of it you are sensitive to sweeteners.  Despite being the more natural of sweeteners, too much Stevia gives me headaches so I was a little disappointed to find that it was listed for this tea.  However, their[Read more]