DAVIDsTEA Cranberry Orange Muffin Tea

Davids Tea Cranberry Orange Muffin

So, I had planned to post a pink tea with Valentine’s Day coming up.  I assumed that with cranberry and hibiscus that DAVIDsTea Cranberry Orange Muffin would be pink.  Turns out, it isn’t but since I am trying to drink my stash, especially the herbal infusions, so they do not go bad before I can finish them here it is. DAVIDsTEA’s Cranberry Orange Muffin was a fall 2015 limited edition release tea.  It promises that you can start your day[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Cardamom French Toast Tea

Cardamom French Toast DavidsTea Review - Loose

A plate full of french toast with bacon and syrup just screams winter, but is hardly healthy.  Like my chocolate fix from tea, I have found a way to enjoy this delicious french toast breakfast in tea form.  DAVIDsTEA Cardamom French Toast gives you some of the taste of that dream breakfast any time of the day. DAVIDsTEA Cardamom French Toast tea is made with black tea, cardamom, cane sugar and cinnamon.  This gives it a sweet, rich, satisfying flavour[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea Advent Calendar – Days 7-12

DavidsTea 24 days of tea advent calendar day 10 nepal black

It is Tuesday and that means more tea!  Last week I shared the first six days of the DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea advent calendar and now you can see what days seven to twelve brought. Overall, the second batch of 24 days of tea samples were a mixed bag.  Two I love, two with lots of cinnamon and two I would drink, but probably not think of brewing when I open the cupboard in search of a tea. 24[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Advent Calendar Days 1-6

Davids Tea Day 2 mango madness

It may be getting colder, but December has been a little warmer with my DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea advent calendar. DAVIDsTEA Advent Calendar Day One Day one of the calendar started with Sleigh Ride, one of the Christmas Teas.  DAVIDsTEA describes Sleigh Ride as cinnamon, apples, raisins, almonds, and hibiscus combine for a tea that is sweet, tart, and earthy. And beet pieces make it as nice and rosy as a caroler’s cheeks. Not a huge fan of this one, but[Read more]

DavidsTea Cold & Sick Day Care Package

DavidsTea Sick Day Care Package

If you are feeling under the weather, the last thing you need is to go out to buy more tea.  DAVIDsTEA put together an ultimate sick day care package to help you through that cold or flu.  It costs $10 and includes expedited shipping so you get your paws on these goodies even sooner. It comes in an envelope rather than a box, because who wants to go to the post office to pick up mail when they are sick?  Included[Read more]