DavidsTea Cold & Sick Day Care Package

DavidsTea Sick Day Care Package

If you are feeling under the weather, the last thing you need is to go out to buy more tea.  DAVIDsTEA put together an ultimate sick day care package to help you through that cold or flu.  It costs $10 and includes expedited shipping so you get your paws on these goodies even sooner. It comes in an envelope rather than a box, because who wants to go to the post office to pick up mail when they are sick?  Included[Read more]

My 2015 Advent Calendars

Beauty Tea Advent Calendars TheFaceShop Benefit Hard Candy DavidsTea

Last year was my first year with beauty advent calendars.  I got the advent calendar from The Body Shop and enjoyed having a whole month of beauty stuff to open.  This year, it has doubled in price so I decided against getting one and picked up the DAVIDsTEA 24 Days of Tea instead.  Then I picked up three beauty ones that cost me a little more than the one from The Body Shop would have cost.

DavidsTea Hot Chocolate Tea Latte Recipe

Davids Tea Hot Chocolate Tea Latte

Behind tea and nail polish, chocolate comes a close third so I love DAVIDsTEA Hot Chocolate tea.  Sadly it is a limited edition for the winter collection and will disappear after Christmas despite my pleas to keep it around.  The colder weather just begs for yummy frothy warm drinks, but drinking hot chocolate every day is hardly good for the waistline so my hot chocolate tea latte recipe has become my go to evening drink on cold days.