Zoella Fizz Bar Review & Giveaway

Zoella Fizz Bar Review

If you are as addicted to youtube as I am, you have most likely heard of Zoella.  What you may not know as it is fairly new to Canada and only available in select stores is that her line of beauty products is also available in Canada through Farley Co.  Look for them in your local London Drugs, Pharamasave, Lawton’s Drugs, Familiprix, IDA, Guardian, Brunet and Uniprix.  I recently tried out the Zoella Fizz Bar, a lightly fragranced bath fizzer but am[Read more]

MyTeaBox Monthly Tea Subscription Review + Giveaway

MyTeaBox All Items

I have been looking into getting a tea subscription for a while so when MyTeaBox contacted me to see if I would like to try a month of theirs (plus host a giveaway for one of you lucky readers) I jumped at the chance. MyTeaBox is $24.99 per month with no minimum subscription period for three new blends of amazing tea each month.  Each sample is enough to make at least five cups each and are blends created by MyTeaBox[Read more]

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths Review & Giveaway

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Cloths Review & Giveaway

I am super lazy about taking off my makeup, cleansing cloths are my best friend.  I often remember my makeup just as I am getting into bed so keep makeup removing cleansing cloths beside the bed so that I don’t sleep in my makeup.  I love Cetaphil’s cleanser so when they offered me the opportunity to try out their Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths, I jumped at the chance. I have gone through a fair number of brands of cleansing wipes,[Read more]

The Ouchier Side of Pregnancy & The Gift of #ahhh with the #HemoclinComfortKit Giveaway

The Gift of #ahhh with the #HemoclinComfortKit Giveaway

Before you all go getting excited, this is not a pregnancy announcement! I am happy just being a kitty mom, and even more so now after hearing that hemorrhoids are a often a regular part of pregnancy.  In my head, most cases of hemorrhoids are an issue for old men who need to sit on plastic donut rings.  Shows how much I know.  I turned to some friends who are pregnant or recent moms and asked ‘really, hemorrhoids?’ After they had[Read more]