Stamped Leaves Nail Art #CBBNov

Joy and Polish Spiced Plum stamped with BPL024 Leaves and Mdu Gold Copper and Merry Leaves Nail Art

Another day, another #CBBNov prompt.  Actually, having only two a week has been really nice.  Even if I haven’t been perfectly sticking to the posting schedule.  The second prompt for this week is leaves and since I pulled out my fall and winter themed stamping accessories, this was an easy one for me.  I used three stamping polishes to give the leaves different colours and loved the final look. Joy and Polish Spiced Plum stamped with BPL024 and Mundo de[Read more]

Nail Stamping With A England In Robe & Crown #CBBNov

CBBNov Stamping Prompt - A England In Robe and Crown - BP Gold - Pueen Geo Lover 02 plate - Swatch

I prefer challenges I can actually keep up with and #CBBNov seems to be working for me with just two prompts a week.  Today, we are doing stamping.  Easier for us nail bloggers than the regular beauty bloggers, but I am hoping to see some eyeliner stamping and similar reviews from them! Today is lazy nail art because I used the polish I was already wearing and just added stamping.  My base is two coats of A England In Robe[Read more]

Poppy Nail Art

Poppy Nail Art Swatches - November 11 - Zoya Posh Matte - Maybelline Tenancious Teal - Essence Enter Wonderland and Black is Back

Part of the #CBBNov challenge is a prompt for poppies.  The prompt was for yesterday, but it feels right posting it today.  I originally tried to stamp a poppy-like design onto my nails.  I didn’t have a perfect stamp so the closest I had was this image from the Pueen Nature Lover 02 plate. Close to poppy looking but not perfect.  Plus, the way the stamp is designed, there isn’t a lot of space for a background so I ended[Read more]

Monochrome Plaid Nails #CBBNov

CBBNov Plaid Nails - Quo Runway Ready - Pueen Geo Lover 02 - Black White Double Stamping - 2

We have a new challenge over at the Canadian Beauty Bloggers.  This month, we are going to be sharing some makeup and nail looks with various prompts.  Check #CBBNov to see all of the other looks.  The prompt for Day 1 is Plaid and I went for a monochrome look rather than more traditional plaid colours. Starting with a base of Quo Runway Ready, I stamped the plaid design from Pueen’s Geo Lover 02 plate using MoYou White Knight and Mundo de Unas[Read more]

A Day At The Beach With Demeter Fragrance Library

Demeter Fragrance Foolproof Blending Kit Review - A Day at the Beach -  Edited

Have you ever thought about your dream fragrance?  What you would make if you worked for a perfume company.  Now you can mix scents at home with Demeter Fragrance Library Custom Blending Kits.  Choose your mix of fragrances and add on a blending kit that includes everything you need to mix the singular scents.  Some of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network, myself included, were lucky enough to try out these kits and make a custom scent at home! My Demeter Fragrance Library[Read more]