Avon Gel Finish Inked Up Nailart

Avon Gel Finish Inked Up Nail Polish Nailart in Sunlight

I was originally going to use Avon Gel Finish Inked Up with the three gold polishes I posted earlier this week when I realized it would work perfectly for Alphabet Nails since I was not in love with my old choice for the letter I.  So at the risk of turning into an Avon and DavidsTea blog, Inked up is brought to you by the letter I today. Avon’s Inked Up from the Gel Finish line is a beautiful dark[Read more]

All That Glitters Is Avon Gold

All that glitters is Avon gold nail polishes

Each month, the Canadian Beauty Bloggers choose a theme for featured posts, and this month is gold.  This ties in so well with the Queen’s birthday celebrations over the weekend as what is more royal than gold?  Although, if I had waited to paint my nails, I would have gone with neon green.  The Queen rocks Neon at Ninety much better than I can now though.  Instead, I have three gold polishes from different Avon lines to compare. Avon Nailwear[Read more]

Avon True Color Lip Balms

Avon True Color Lip Balms Pink Pucker and Peach Pout

One of the recent additions to the Avon Magalogues are these hydrating lip balms with a buildable blush of colour.  Avon’s True Color Lip Balm comes in five shades and I recently tried out two, Peach Pout and Pink Pucker.  Other shades in the new True Colour Lip Balm range include Coral Crush, Cherry Kiss and Plum Passion. These tinted lip balms are priced at a very reasonable $5 each and are not waxy feeling, because who wants that nasty gummy lip balm[Read more]

Blogger Tag – Teas

Tea Tag Tea Tuesday Faves

A bit of a different type of post for Tea Tuesday this week since today is the last day for me to make sure everything is moved into the new place and the old place is clean etc.  So I decided to do a tea tag without being tagged, because enough people have tagged everyone who reads/watches to be tagged. Hot or cold?  Iced tea is not as big in the UK as this side of the world so while[Read more]

Keep Your Feet Cool With Avon Foot Works Pineapple Chill

Avon Footworks Pineapple Chill Trio

After a day of moving, I am exhausted and my feet are killing me.  I have been walking up and down stairs with furniture, books, other belongings (and a lot of makeup) and just want to curl up and sleep for a week.  I know I will regret not taking care of the aches and pains in the morning so after a nice long shower I turned to Avon Foot Works for my tired and hot feet. They have a[Read more]