Healthier Fries: Big Boss Oil-Less “Fried” Potatoes

We have had a TFal ActiFry on our wish-list for a while but are trying to stick to our budget, so when I saw the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer on sale at for $119 minus a load of coupons – $15 coupon, $10 bonus, $25 paypal rebate and $20 ebates rebate) just days after starting Slimming World a while back, it was too hard to turn down.  I had tried their recipe for Syn (point) Free fries in the[Read more]

Bloggers: Embed Getty Images For Free

Have you ever gone to write a blog on a topic but couldn’t find a suitable image from your stock of photos? Getty Images wants to help bloggers get free images and stop the stealing of images without credit to the owners with “Embedded Getty Images”.  They released millions of their photos in web quality that you can embed directly by copying and pasting the code given.  No uploading needed.   You simply mouseover an image and choose the embed button.[Read more]

Healthier Potato Leek Soup Recipe

Potato leek soup is one of my favourites.  It is just so warm and comforting on a cold day – you really can’t get much better than a comforting soup when you come home on a winter day.  My usual recipe however calls for butter, flour and cream and would eat away at my calorie count fairly quickly.  So using my usual recipe and checking on the one from Slimming World (a diet popular in the UK), I modified it[Read more]

DAVIDs Tea Aladdin Travel Mug

It is one of those things I just have to have, now I can take my tea with me in the morning without letting it steep before I leave so I can dump the tea leaves before they sit in there too long! The Aladdin Travel Mug From Davids Tea You just fill the basket and once steeped, pull the lever, the basket lifts and hides in the lid and you can drink your tea without it getting bitter.  It[Read more]

Temptations Mix Ups: My Cats’ New Favourite Treats

My cats are a little (ok more than a little) spoiled, usually they get Pure Snacks freeze dried chicken as a treat but every so often we give in and let them have some junk food.  The problem is that with the exception of freeze dried chicken, they don’t like the same treats so I sit there with 3 different bags as they headbutt my legs wondering why it is taking me so long to dish out their treat because[Read more]