The Monday Morning Migraine Hangover

I have suffered from migraines since I was a teenager, while I don’t get them as often now, when I do they are terrible.   As I sat on the train home on Friday night, I had a feeling I would have one.  There were no auras I had a throbbing headache and all the usual causes of a migraine were there.  I was stressed from work, tired, sitting on the train eating a chocolate bar (yeah I am sure[Read more]

Why Date Night Is Important & Win A Night Out

After living together for years, date night is still important for me.  You get into a routine of just coming home from work and cooking, cleaning, watching tv or whatever else.  We started to miss the “fun” of dating so once a month we arrange a night out, get dressed up, no friends, no family and take it in turns to decide where to go.  We would love to make it a weekly event but between work and other stuff[Read more]

GlamST: Give Yourself A Virtual Makeover

Ever seen an amazing deal on makeup online but not had the time to go shopping to check it out before the deal sells out or expires or need a new colour to go with that new dress?  Or even worse, tried a new lipstick in those lovely perfectly set lights in the makeup store to get home to find the colour is completely different than you thought? GlamST can help you out! It allows you to create a virtual[Read more]

Living On $1.75 A Day? I Am Trying Live Below The Line

$1.75 a day? I can hear you saying that I must be crazy but we did the Live Below The Line Challenge last year through work and managed (barely).  Okay we cheated a little, we used money over the week but some days were higher and others were lower and we had an event at work where we ate fancy hors d’oeuvres one day but this year we will follow the rules!  If Ben Affleck can do it so can I![Read more]

The Epicure Chipster – Home Made Potato Chips

My Epicure Chipster is one of my favourite kitchen “gadgets”.  It isn’t really a gadget but isn’t really anything else and who doesn’t love warm potato chips? It is super simple to use the Epicure Chipster, you cut the potatoes thinly using a slicer – Epicure sells a great ceramic one, but I just use my regular one I have had for ages.  Then arrange the potato slices on the chipster making sure they do not overlap and put it[Read more]