Garnier Clean+ Makeup Removing Lotion Cleanser Review #GarnierSensitive

I am a huge fan of Garnier lotion so jumped at the chance to try the new Garnier Clean+ Makeup Removing Cleanser for sensitive skin. After a long day, I am lazy and will admit to occasionally not taking my makeup off, or doing a half-hearted attempt and waking up to raccoon eyes the next morning (never a good look) but I am not willing to give up the whole eye makeup look for my laziness either.  The whole makeup[Read more]

February Budget Check-In & Why I Love My Reward Cards

After using a lot of our stockpile in January, it seemed like we had to buy a lot more.  Maybe the sale prices were better but we did really well staying under our $500 budget for shopping/food expenses, including dinner out and cat food/litter with $60 going into our savings! I was also lucky enough to book some travel for someone else who does not use ebates, and agreed that I could use mine since their employer was reimbursing them anyway, so[Read more]

January Budget Check-In

I am a little late on this one, but it has been a crazy week. For January, we decided to buy only what we needed and get a better idea of how much to spend.  We tried to limit ourselves to one grocery shop per week (usually I visit several so I can look for coupons, but end up with more of those random purchases).  We were a little hampered by the fact that our flyers were only delivered once[Read more]

Refresh Your Makeup Bag For $35 – That Stuff Expires You Know!

A friend recently decided she is ready to start dating again after the breakup of her marriage last year.  She has a date coming up and wanted some help refreshing her makeup – something she rarely wore while married.  She said she was on a budget and could afford $50 to refresh her makeup bag and she had the basics just needed a refresh.  So off we went in search of her makeup bag, which we found in her daughter’s[Read more]

The Essence of Affordability: Four Nail Polishes For $10?

I was planning a beauty stock up shop this past weekend when I saw that Shoppers Drug Mart was offering 20x Optimum points, but decided to stock up on some Essence when they sent me a weekly coupon for an extra 20x points on Essence nail polishes.  Essence nail polishes are already super affordable at $2-3 each but with 40x Optimum points, they are crazy cheap. If you haven’t tried Essence polishes, do not be put off by the price[Read more]