A Taste of Ireland in Niagara Falls – Doc Magilligan’s Irish Pub

A while back, we discovered this gem in Niagara Falls.  Many hotel restaurants can be overpriced and the themed ones a little tacky when it comes to touristy areas, but not Doc Magilligan’s.   I found it an amusing name for an Irish pub since there is a prison named Magilligan – part of what made me want to go in as we drove past intending to head to a chain restaurant. Doc Magilligan’s was comfortable, friendly and despite being fairly big[Read more]

Green Nail Polish For St. Patrick’s Day

Green Nail Polish For St Patrick's Day

Green nail polishes can be hard to wear, especially for St. Patrick’s Day when it is a little too early for the brighter summer greens. My top pick (and the one I am wearing this year) is Zoya Pixie Dust in Chita, a forest green with a hint of gold and signature pixie dust sparkle.  If you don’t like to wear darker polishes which show wear more easily, check out the beautiful Vespa, mint kiss with a sugared sparkle.  The[Read more]

A Trip Down Tim Hortons Memory Lane

I love Tim Hortons but having moved to Canada as an adult, I don’t have a long term reference for Timmies.  Today while shopping in Hamilton, we drove by the original Tim Hortons which they recently turned into a museum and decided to check it out. As a frugalista, I remember a few Tim Hortons price increases, each one with a promise to spend less money there that never happens.  The Tim Hortons museum has an original counter with prices.[Read more]

Zoya Naturel Satin Swatches: Rowan, Sage & Tove

As most of you will know, Zoya is one of my favourite brands of nail polish, they rarely disappoint.  The Zoya Naturel Satins collection is a transitional collection that is meant to ease you from Winter shades to brighter Spring shades and has some great nude colours. Zoya Satins are “low-sheen”, not quite matte but not the usual shiny finish of Zoya polishes.  Due to the finish, you are not supposed to use a top coat with them, which reduces[Read more]

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

I really don’t know how I lived before I discovered dry shampoos and Batiste has long been one of my favourites. I have really thick hair that tends towards frizzy and keep it fairly long, so washing my hair takes forever.  Drying is a minimum of twenty minutes to make sure it is completely dry to ward off the afternoon frizz and then another 20 minutes straightening – an hour minimum by the time I wash it and dry off[Read more]