L’Oreal Oleotherapy Sulfate-Free Oil Infused Hair Care Review

I had shampoo and conditioner on my list at the recent Shoppers Drug Mart redemption event, but ended up shopping at a different store than the one I usually go to and they did not carry any of the brands I wanted.  I was getting low so walking along the shelves, I settled on trying l’Oreal OleoTherapy shampoo and conditioner. My hair has really suffered this winter so I was looking for something for dry hair, but thinking about how[Read more]

Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask Review

Garnier’s Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask has been one of my favourite skincare products since they sent me a sample quite some time ago. While I am not sure that a tissue mask can really address dark spots the same way a targeted treatment does, I prefer tissue masks in general and Garnier’s is super hydrating and works for my skin.  That being said, my dark spots are not so dark that I worry about them that much, they are[Read more]

Tips To Eat Less Without Really Trying

I am terrible for mindless eating.  Whether it is boredom eating, comfort eating or just being on the run without healthy options available, I am likely to make a bad eating choice.  I thought I would share some of the tips that work for me: One of the best ways to eat less without trying is to trick your mind into thinking it is eating more use a smaller plate: a full plate, even a smaller one will seem full[Read more]

A Taste of Ireland in Niagara Falls – Doc Magilligan’s Irish Pub

A while back, we discovered this gem in Niagara Falls.  Many hotel restaurants can be overpriced and the themed ones a little tacky when it comes to touristy areas, but not Doc Magilligan’s.   I found it an amusing name for an Irish pub since there is a prison named Magilligan – part of what made me want to go in as we drove past intending to head to a chain restaurant. Doc Magilligan’s was comfortable, friendly and despite being fairly big[Read more]

Green Nail Polish For St. Patrick’s Day

Green Nail Polish For St Patrick's Day

Green nail polishes can be hard to wear, especially for St. Patrick’s Day when it is a little too early for the brighter summer greens. My top pick (and the one I am wearing this year) is Zoya Pixie Dust in Chita, a forest green with a hint of gold and signature pixie dust sparkle.  If you don’t like to wear darker polishes which show wear more easily, check out the beautiful Vespa, mint kiss with a sugared sparkle.  The[Read more]