Alternative Uses For Dryer Sheets (Thrifty Thursday)

One my favourite uses for dryer sheets is to put one in the central air vents for that fresh laundry smell all the time, but there are lots of uses for both fresh and used dryer sheets that can save you time and money. Cleaning With Dryer Sheets Dusting: A used dryer sheet will pick up dust from almost anything.  If you are doing your baseboards, use an unused dryer sheet, the anti-static on the sheet will help repel dust so[Read more]

When Bad Habits & Anxiety Collide

I have dealt with anxiety since I was a teenager, I can have issues even getting ready to go out and meet friends.  I know it is completely unfounded the majority of the time but it causes me stress, insomnia and encourages my nervous bad habits. We have an important event at work today.  I was scheduled to attend as a guest of my boss, just enjoy lunch and chat with some clients.  I have met the clients before and[Read more]

Next Issue Canada Magazine App Review

Recently, Klout offered a free 60 day trial to Next Issue, I was a little disappointed to not receive the perk while others with lower scores did so when I received an email from a daily deal site for the same trial, I signed up to give it a try. About Next Issue I am sure you have seen the advert where the woman climbs out of bed to the big magazine rack to get another magazine, the app lets[Read more]

My Spring Bucket List

I remember being very young and my mum saying that you should never make a bucket list, you are just wishing death on yourself so I have never made a “real” bucket list.  A Spring bucket list is a different story, I am very happy to wish the nicer weather on myself!  After a winter of semi-hibernating, I am happy to be out and about and visiting some of the places I love or new places that have opened. Spring[Read more]