Next Issue Canada Magazine App Review

Recently, Klout offered a free 60 day trial to Next Issue, I was a little disappointed to not receive the perk while others with lower scores did so when I received an email from a daily deal site for the same trial, I signed up to give it a try. About Next Issue I am sure you have seen the advert where the woman climbs out of bed to the big magazine rack to get another magazine, the app lets[Read more]

A Tale Of Two Eves

I love reading, I read a few books a week on my commute to and from Toronto and some before bed reading.   I have read every book in both of these series but only today did it dawn on me that both of the main characters are called Eve. Eve Dallas – In Death Series by JD Robb I love this series, I set alerts for the next releases so I can pre-order them because I can’t bear the[Read more]

Da Bird Cat Toy – Best Toy For A Lazy Cat

Like many indoor cats, our cats are lazy.  The have so many cat toys, many of them expensive and untouched, but the Da Bird will always be their favourite.  One of mine likes catnip toys but he will just lay there bunny kicking it, not quite  the exercise my little chubster needs so I was so happy when we first got the Da Bird for one of the other cats and he not only liked it but loves it. About[Read more]

GlamST: Give Yourself A Virtual Makeover

Ever seen an amazing deal on makeup online but not had the time to go shopping to check it out before the deal sells out or expires or need a new colour to go with that new dress?  Or even worse, tried a new lipstick in those lovely perfectly set lights in the makeup store to get home to find the colour is completely different than you thought? GlamST can help you out! It allows you to create a virtual[Read more]

Please Wait Not To Be Seated?

We try to do a night out a few times a month and last night headed out to a chain restaurant (I will hold off mentioning where as I have emailed a complaint to them) for dinner.  It is a restaurant we go to often, but not usually this location.  It is not all that unusual for a restaurant to have long wait times but our experience last night was ridiculous. We got there with just one family ahead of[Read more]