Make Your Own White Chocolate Peppermint / Candy Cane Crush Tea

Make Your Own White Chocolate Peppermint Tea - Candy Cane Crush Tea

By now, many of us have used the last of our White Chocolate Peppermint and Candy Cane Crush tea but want more.  Since most stores are long sold out of their Christmas teas, I attempted making my own.  Since I have a few bags of Teavana’s left (ok I have some Candy Cane Crush left too, but rationing), I went with black tea rather than rooibos but they are easily interchangeable.  The great thing about making your own blend of[Read more]

Bulk Barn Moroccan Mint Tea Review

Bulk Barn Moroccan Mint Tea Review

The final of the three Bulk Barn teas I picked up to try is Moroccan Mint.  A mix of medium bodied green tea and Oregon peppermint for a refreshing and less grassy green tea.  It is the perfect mix between a “real tea” and a mint tea that many find a little too much. Bulk Barn Moroccan Mint Steeping Instructions and Ingredients Moroccan Mint Ingredients: Green tea, peppermint leaves (nothing added in this one, keep it simple) Steeping Instructions: 1 rounded[Read more]

Bulk Barn Oolong Orange Tea Review

Bulk Barn Oolong Orange Tea Review - Brewed Loose Tea with Oranges

As I mentioned last week, I am reviewing one of my new favourite Bulk Barn teas – Oolong Orange.  There are not many places you can pick up 100g of loose tea for around $4 and even less so for an Oolong tea.  So I was excited to try this one.  I picked up a sample sized bag of 25g under $1 using one of the weekly coupons for spending $10 and recommend you wait for a coupon to buy.[Read more]

Bulk Barn Black Currant Black Tea Review

Bulk Barn Black Currant Black Tea Review - Brewed with Cups

Did you know that Bulk Barn sells loose tea?  And at super affordable prices.  If you want to try loose but are not quite ready to pay the big tea shop prices, it is a great place to start.  Or for those who just want to stock up on basic loose teas, amazing prices.  I tried several teas and will be sharing them over the coming weeks, the first is Black Currant black tea.  It is priced at $3.64 for[Read more]

Tea Themed Nails – Color Club Silver Lake & Messy Mansion MM62

Tea Themed Nails with Color Club Silver Lake and Messy Mansion MM62 Stamping Plate

Messy Mansion’s MM62 stamping plate has been on my wishlist forever, so when I got an email from Nail Polish Canada to say they had new plates (right after I made my Boxing Week sale order) I eagerly checked and may have squealed out loud when I saw MM62 on the list of new plates. I am planning a full manicure colouring these in but had to share what is perhaps the perfect stamping plate for me while trying them[Read more]