DAVIDsTEA Sweet Almond Green Tea Review

DavidsTea Sweet Almond Green Tea Review

I know that many people do not like the grassy mixture of the green tea and sweet almond/marzipan taste in DAVIDsTEA’s Sweet Almond Green tea but it is one I really like.  As I am getting down to the bottom of my bag of it, I realized that I had never reviewed it and probably should in case I don’t pick up another bag right away. Sweet Almond Green is an organic tea containing green tea, almonds, marigold flowers, and[Read more]

Higgins & Burke Roaring Black Tea

Higgins and Burke Roaring Black - KCup with Spoon

I always keep a stash of tea in places where I spend a lot of time. It is not unusual for me to be the only tea drinker and the British in me is too polite to throw away that cuppa made with stale cheap bagged tea.  A friend recently bought a pack of Higgins and Burke Roaring Black single serve Real Cups for her Keurig after her box of old orange pekoe finally ran out and she noticed me bringing[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Irish Breakfast Tea

DAVIDsTEA Irish Breakfast Tea Review

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I was torn between green teas and buying some more Irish Breakfast from DAVIDsTEA.  Any excuse to buy more tea right?  I grew up in Ireland, my grandma has a picture of me drinking black tea with milk in a bottle as a toddler so I will always appreciate a good strong black tea. David’s Tea describes their Irish Breakfast as “Ireland is one of the biggest tea drinking countries around. And trust us, they[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Melon Drop

DavidsTea Melon Drop Cup & Package

After a few months of drinking my stash, I finally went to DAVIDsTEA,  I am still supposed to be on a tea ban but I had to pick up my free bag of Nepal Black tea before my frequent steepster reward expired and I can’t go into the store without buying a few to try.  The tea of the month for March is Melon Drop and it sounded so delicious that I could not leave without some. Melon Drop is[Read more]

DAVIDsTEA Glitter and Gold Tea

Davids Tea Glitter & Gold Loose

I will start by saying that this is the Glitter and Gold with stars not balls (and the one with balls was totally better and sparkled more).  Not that you can’t work that out from the image, but I needed to get the rant out.  The balls were so much sparklier and sparkles are good!  Since it is not full of glitter, it is less Glitter and Gold and more Starry Gold but anyway… I picked this up after finishing my[Read more]