Sally Hansen Miracle Gel World Wide Red (409) Swatches and Review

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 409 World Wide Red - Swatch Sunlight

After mixed results with Frill Seeker and Rosey Riviter, I tried out Sally Hansen Miracle Gel World Wide Red next.  It has an almost crelly formula.  Much less opaque than either of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes I tried previously but not quite jelly either.  This red has a touch of coral in it.  Not enough to be a coral, just not quite a true red either.  It leans slightly more orange than my photos show, but that could[Read more]

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Rosey Riviter (180) Swatches & Review

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 180 Rosey Riviter Swatches Full Sun

After being impressed with Frill Seeker, I had high hopes for Sally Hansen Miracle Gel and tried out Rosey Riviter next.  This is shade has been available for at least a few years.  Right out of the bottle, I could tell that the formula was not quite as nice as the nude Frill Seeker.  The polish is not sheer itself but does not apply as evenly as Frill Seeker.  The pink would probably not be my top choice in colour but[Read more]

Sally Hansen Frill Seeker (184) Swatches and Review

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 184 Frill Seeker - Swatches stamped with Mundo de Unas Bone and BP115 stampping plate sunlight

I will admit, the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel collection was not high on my list to try.  At around $10 each, I can buy zoyas or even indies so while they have been around for ages, I have only tried a couple of the shades.  That is, until I won a set of five plus the matching top coat from Intense Polish Therapy’s anniversary giveaway.  Today I am sharing a nice nude, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Frill Seeker with more[Read more]

Essie Summer 2017 Collection Drip Marble Nail Art

essie summer 2017 drip marble nails manicure swatches

When you get new polishes, you have to see how well they work together.  So I threw all six of the Essie Summer 2017 collection polishes together in a drip marble.  Sil Vous Plait really steals the show from the cremes with a bit of foil-y shimmer but I think they work well together. I am loving smoosh manis and drip marbles right now.  So easy but looks pretty (as long as you make some extras to replace the ones[Read more]

Essie Sil Vous Plait Swatches & Review

Essie Sil Vous Plait - Summer 2017 - Swatch

Essie Sil Vous Plait is a wonderful foil and the final of the summer 2017 collection shades!  A rose pink foil.  Now usually, this kind of colour would make me think of the polishes my grandma wore way back and still does.  But on the nail, it has some shimmery foilish goodness going on that I just love.  A real foil, not the streaky metallic stuff I expected.  It is quite unique, for both Essie who don’t have a pile of foils[Read more]